5 reasons why candidates are ghosting you (no shows)

Before diving into the subject, what exactly is “Ghosting”? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, ghosting is: “When a person cuts off all communication with their friends, the person they’re dating, or society in general with zero warning or explanation. Ghosting can involve avoiding friends’ phone calls, staying off social media, and avoiding people in […]

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What to do when you get a job rejection

We’ve all faced or will face rejection at least once in our life. It can be experienced under many circumstances; whether it’s from a school application, a breakup, decline of your credit card or form the feeling you get when you don’t get the job you wanted. Rejection is inevitable and is necessary to make […]

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Here is why your job search isn’t working

Going on a job search is almost like having a full-time side job. Juggling between your day job and finding your next one can be a hectic and stressful procedure. You could be searching for a month and not receive a single call from the companies you apply to. You’ve changed your job search approach […]

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Getting a Sales Job With No Experience

When you are fresh out of college or looking for a career change, you come to find out that the majority of jobs in your field require you to have at least 1 year of professional experience. You might start to wonder where that experience will come from if you just graduated. Sound familiar right? […]

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Becoming a successful customer service representative

Tips on how to become a successful customer service representative! We all know that customer service jobs call for dealing with the public and that not everyone knows how to handle the many problems that arise within the customer service industry. In order to be a successful representative, certain skills are essential to get the […]

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A few creepy and disturbing jobs that exist

It’s Halloween, and of course, we need to publish something Halloween related! There are many creepy and dangerous jobs that exist. The people who specialize in these types of careers often deal with things that aren’t seen in typical office jobs. The job descriptions can go from working in the dark for long hours to […]

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Our 10 Best Labour Day Quotes

Happy Labor Day everyone! Right now you must be very busy with school arriving around the corner. Whether you are or not, let’s all take a moment to honour all the hard and great work that is being accomplished around us. Here are the 10 best labour day quotes that Fuze HR Solutions has put together. […]

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