Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you can find the most commonly asked general, candidate and employer questions.


If your questions are not covered here or are more specific, please do not hesitate to write to info@fuzehr.com or ask your local branch for more information. Our team will be glad to provide you with the right answer!

General Questions:

At Fuze HR Solutions, we cater to a wide variety of clients, by providing unparallel services in the following divisions: Technology, Government, Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics, Skilled Trades, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Food Services, Clerical & Administration, Construction & Development, and the Fuze Executive Search Group.

To learn more on our specialized divisions, click here.

As your staffing partners we know that a nonhomogeneous team means smarter business operations. Statistics have proven that a diverse team equates to a more successful business. Working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, helps bring different ideas table and sharpens an overall performance.

At Fuze HR, diversity and inclusion is woven into the very fabric of our DNA. With more than 45 multilingual recruiters, our diverse language capabilities alone allow us to build relationships with diverse cultural groups and access a larger pool of professionals. 

We believe in fair treatment and equal access to opportunity. At Fuze HR, we rely on teamwork and collaboration, with a focus on innovation and creativity. The evidence of our leadership’s commitment to diversity is represented within all levels of the organization. 

Our teams are educated on current best practices at attracting the most talented and diverse candidates. Our strategies continue to evolve as resources and technology increase tenfold. We believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion enables our recruitment teams to have a better understanding of our clients’ industries, organizations, corporate cultures, competitive landscapes, strategies, and value propositions. 

Our procedures, parameters and service offerings are constantly being adjusted to meet market demands. We follow industry best practices and strive for continuous improvement. Whether our customer asks us for a new service, or we adapt a new technology for them, our evolving mindset means we are at the forefront of developing new recruitment techniques and technology.

There are several factors that differentiate Fuze HR from other agencies. Firstly, Fuze HR has a flat organizational approach, which means we listen to our employees and value their input and perspectives on the business.


Secondly, the Fuze HR environment is one of teamwork, collaboration, communication, and mutual corporate goals. At Fuze HR, we believe in quality vs. quantity. Our people set us apart. As such, we hire dedicated, exceptional, and experienced team members to become part of the Fuze HR family.


Thirdly, Fuze HR’s process of conducting business is a humanistic approach. We promote human interaction and clear communication throughout our entire process. We are focused on transparency, providing quick and effective feedback and support, and acting nimbly to accommodate our clients’ needs.


Fourthly, in the recruitment and staffing industry, firms are either a “small shop” or a “big box”. Fuze HR is able to offer the best of both worlds. We are a boutique firm and can offer a personalized service but big enough to cater to all your needs locally, nationally, and internationally. Think about Fuze HR as being a big company, with a small company service.


Finally, at Fuze HR, we have the use of the latest technology available in the staffing industry. Fuze Technology is constantly evolving and has become our competitive edge in a digital economy where speed and efficiency is the focus. We have embraced digitization as a part of our culture, structure, and strategy.

Candidate Questions:

Working with a recruitment agency is not something everyone has experience with, so it’s only natural to question why work with one. The main reason to work with an agency, is for the simplicity and ease it will bring to your job search.


Fuze HR’s recruiters are experienced. They know the right questions to ask to help you find the job you are looking for. From the initial interview, they will meet with you and learn about all your employment needs. They will assist throughout the entire recruitment cycle, from sourcing jobs for you, to the hiring process. Whether you are searching for temporary, on contract or a permanent role, our recruiters will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, there are many of our clients who do not post their jobs, and only their affiliate agencies will have access to them. Working with an agency gives you valuable insight into the employment industry that you may not find on your own.

Absolutely not. We work on behalf of our clients, as a third-party extension of their HR department. They provide us with the roles to fill and pay us for doing so. Our services with you as a candidate are entirely free!

Our recruiters recruit for multiple jobs at once. They receive a high volume of daily applications and treat each one with equal importance. You can always write to us by submitting your message here, or you can call one of our branches to inquire about your candidacy status.

Although a gap in someone’s resume or being currently unemployed is not always something we want to highlight; it is normal because life happens. We will work with you to find the role best suited for your situation.

Our candidate screening process has 4 steps.

  1. Source
  2. Interview
  3. Present
  4. Feedback

To learn more on our candidate process, click here.

Employers Questions:

Fuze HR follows stringent guidelines to deliver quality candidates and maintain quality service to our clients. All our candidates undergo in-depth telephone and face-to-face interviews (video interviews during COVID-19), as well as comprehensive skills and other testing as required. Detailed supervisory references are conducted, typically by a third party not directly connected to the search to maintain neutrality and objectivity.  These measures enable us to make a well-informed assessment of the quality of a candidate, both from a professional skills point of view, as well as a social and ‘soft skills’ perspective.

Fuze HR’s comprehensive candidate screening and analysis process is carried out by our skilled and experienced recruitment teams.

Through the execution of a thorough recruiting process and open and ongoing communication, can be confident that Fuze HR has the proper mechanisms in place to ensure that all quality objectives will be met, and that all candidates presented to will be of the highest caliber and quality.

To generalize a hiring timeline is to generalize all businesses and their needs. At Fuze HR, we understand that every client is different and do our best to form a timeline around their recruitment requirements. Of course, we can set rough guidelines on how long certain parts of the recruitment cycle may take, but overall, we try to do things as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible.

We have different fee agreements depending on the type of employment and roles you are looking to fill. To find out more about our fees, send us an email at info@fuzehr.com or contact your local branch.

Our guarantees vary depending on the type of contract you sign with us. For more information on our services, contact your local branch or click here.

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