4 Things You Can Do To Facilitate Your Job Search

Are you considering making your next career move? What hinders you from starting your search? Maybe it’s not the best timing for you or maybe you are unsure. Whatever the reason may be, there are things you can do before you dive into your job hunt. Don’t wait to start your job search after you’ve already handed in […]

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7 Quick Tips To Refresh Your Linkedin Profile

Either you are a graduate freshly out of college or someone who is looking for new opportunities, your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are important. Linkedin is not a social media that we use daily and you probably did not log in since the day you created your account. If your Linkedin account’s information is dated from the […]

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Why It Is Better To Start Your Career In A Small Company

Of course, many people will suggest starting your career with bigger companies for better references. If you only focus on bigger companies, you will only limit your chances to get into the job market. Giving a chance to smaller or start-up companies isn’t your worse bet. In fact, there are several benefits to start your […]

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