What is the difference between temporary, contract and permanent positions?

Which is best suited to you?

Temporary Positions

What is temporary work?

Temporary work caters to variety of different candidates. It allows you to ease your way back into the active working world while acquiring both knowledge and skills to further your career. It can also serve as an opportunity to provide you with different work experiences, thanks to the variety of contracts we have available at Fuze HR. Temporary work is also ideal for students who seek to gain experience and explore different career fields, or people who recently lost their jobs and are uncertain of what they want to do next. If you are new to United States and have a valid work permit, if you have no experience and would like to kickstart your employment journey, or if you’re simply coming back from a leave of absence, temporary work is an excellent option for you! 

What are the benefits of working on a temporary basis?

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Permanent Positions

What is a permanent job?

Permanent work is a great thing when you already have your mind set on your job of choice and can make a long-term commitment. Having a permanent job gives you stability especially if you’re an experienced professional seeking to extend your seniority.

What are the benefits of working on a permanent basis?

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Contractual positions

What is contractual work?

Working while on a contract is very similar to working on a temporary basis because they both allow you to have a job that doesn’t preoccupy all your time. If you’re a student or someone looking for an extra stream of income, working on a contract is the ideal thing for you to do.

What are the benefits of working on a contractual basis?

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