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Why work with a recruitment & staffing agency

Benefits of working with an agency

There are many pros when it comes to working with an agency to handle your internal recruitment solutions. First and foremost, we save you time when you are in need of hiring employees. We remove the countless hours of sourcing and screening resumes to shortlist the most qualified candidates on the market! We conduct in-person interviews with all our shortlisted candidates and only present you with the candidates we feel are potential for you to hire and match the criteria you are looking for. This way, you are only spending your time with the top candidates on the market in face to face interviews.

In addition to saving you time, working with an agency will save you money spent on advertising vacant positions on job boards. We will do all the postings for you across countless different job boards to get applicants who are interested and qualified for the position. Furthermore, we also spend our time headhunting top talent candidates who are currently working and have not necessarily applied to our jobs but would be open to making a change for the right opportunity.

With every candidate we interview who we feel could be a great hire for you, we discuss the opportunity as well as the company with them and let them know why people enjoy working there and provide them with the details about your company and company culture. We work as brand ambassadors and represent your company and answer any questions regarding the candidate to the best of our abilities.

Hiring temp employees helps you to run your business in the simplest way: hiring more workers during the seasons you need more employees and downsize during the slower months. This can be one employee, several employees or mass volume recruitment, for one day or several months! Temporary hiring is a very flexible option is designed to suit your needs.

Employees hired on as temporary staff are also on our payroll. Therefore, none of the payroll work or associated costs are on you.

This is a great way to try out an employee before you take them on full-time. To the same extent, it allows the employee to try out the position and company as well to make sure it is a place the employee and company sees as a fit long term. This method works very well for if you are unsure of a potential hire or hiring for a new position and need to test out to see what you need.

We can find you the best talent on the market in the quickest amount of time! No need to spend countless hours sourcing and interviewing or advertising for the position- we do it for you. What’s the benefit? You can spend your time focused on driving your business forward. In addition to that, you gain a guaranteed employee.  

When hiring a permanent employee through Fuze HR, your candidate comes with a guarantee period. This means that if for some reason you feel that the candidate does not meet your needs and expectations, we will replace him or her free of charge!

Our focus is you; we want to make sure you are satisfied with your hire.

See our hiring process here.

To alleviate the hours spent, and work associated with payroll, Fuze HR offers our complete payroll service for clients. This means we are in charge of handling the secure processing of payroll funds for employees within your company.

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