7 Quick Tips To Refresh Your Linkedin Profile


Either you are a graduate freshly out of college or someone who is looking for new opportunities, your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are important. Linkedin is not a social media that we use daily and you probably did not log in since the day you created your account. If your Linkedin account’s information is dated from the stone age, it is time to update your profile before you begin your job search.

Here are 7 quick tips to refresh your Linkedin profile.

Upload a new headshot

A profile picture is one of the parts a Linkedin user will look at first. Is your picture up-to-date, professional and high definition? Does it represent you in the best light? Stay away from the selfie profile picture. Having a professional headshot will make your profile look complete. After all, Linkedin is a platform for professionals and not your personal Facebook account.

Add a cover photo

Think of your cover photo as the welcome sign of your house. You can choose one that most represents you or your profession. Make sure it’s is a welcoming and a high definition picture. Nowadays, it’s all about visuals.

Update your headline

Other than your profile picture and your full name, your headline is the third most important part of your profile. Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect-pitch headline. You can use something that reflects you professionally. If you are currently unemployed, you can use it to announce that you are looking for new opportunities in your field of studies. Think of your headline as search keywords so recruiters can find you easily.

Revisit your summary

Is your summary up-to-date? This section is the best part to showcase your accomplishments and your goals. Make sure it is simple to understand and written in first person.

Add rich media

“A picture worth a thousand word”, they say. Make sure to add new media to the profile. This section will act as your portfolio. Did you build a website or you brought a project to life? Or did you give a speech at a university? You can add all of these in this section by uploading different types videos, pictures, website links, SlideShare, etc.

Start sharing industry updates

The best way to get noticed is to share, like and comment statuses. It also helps to remind your connexions that you still exist while participating in discussions. When sharing updates, it will show up on top of your profile and it will show your future contacts how updated you are with the current news from your industry.

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